Sheila Nash – Artist


Continuing her travels around the world, Sheila is especially moved and inspired by the sea. In tropical climes she enjoys sitting at the water’s edge in a shady spot, with just a few paints and a sketch pad, capturing a scene of natural beauty. It’s also a delightful way to meet the locals, particularly youngsters who are always disarmingly frank about her work, especially the abstracts!

Pots and Paints promise you an exciting selection of abstract and impressionist art presented variously: there are affordable framed and unframed works in a variety of mediums. Also, she has a range of quirky little ceramic birds; some abstract art platters; and a selection of very different hand built bowls,some incorporating all manner of organic matter.

Let Sheila know if you’d like to visit her at Red Door Studios which are off the St John’s Road between Tesco and Michelle the hairdressers. Free parking is available in nearby streets. 07442 178 969.



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